Very Fine Persian Kerman Carpet – Old – Ardabil Design

Rug #7150
Size: 555 x 334 cm / 18.2 x 11 ft
Handwoven in: 
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Fine Persian Kerman carpet, south east Iran, fine wool on cotton foundation, Ardabil design, old.

The reconstructed Ardabil carpet in the Victoria and Albert museum was first published in the 1890’s, copies of varying degrees of accuracy, and in varying sizes have since then been produced in most of the major urban weaving centres in Persia, Turkiye and beyond. This very fine Kerman carpet woven with fine detail around the 1920’s, includes the original features apart from the inscription cartouche. Significantly, the diverse shapes of the palmettes, in the ground are based on lotus flowers, lotus leaves, peonies and other Chinese forms explored in the Persian manuscript illuminations of the 15th century, and from these sources created a display unequalled in any other art form. In turn such variety of flora forms continued to be adopted by the revivalist weavers of the 19th and 20th century. Fine wool on silk foundation.


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