Persian Kerman Large Carpet – Oversize

Rug #5146
Size: 556 x 333 cm / 18.2 x 10.9 ft
Handwoven in: 

Persian Kerman Large Carpet – Oversize

This Persian Kerman carpet is published in;

THE PERSIAN CARPET, ‘The Fabric of Life’, Essie Sakhai, Woodbridge, 2008.

 pp. 166-167.

This is a magnificent and very finely woven carpet for its size and quality. The design in the border of this late 19th century carpet-not so much the cypress trees, but the floral arrangement between them – immediately indicates this carpets origin. Both in colour and weave, it is typical of those associated with with the products of workshops established by the turn of the century Governor of Kerman, the Farmanfarma. The field design and its use of floral motifs are reminiscent of 18th century ‘millefleurs’ carpets. Wool pile on cotton foundation. Approximate size: 556 x 333cm.


Persian Kerman large carpet handwoven in Iran. Items of this proportion are considered oversize with respect to dimensions of a standard room.

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