Fine Unusual Persian Faraghan Carpet

Rug #7149
Size: 405 x 350 cm / 13.3 x 11.5 ft
Handwoven in: 

Fine Faraghan carpet, unusual ivory ground with ‘herati’ design, west Persia, wool on cotton foundation

Faraghan, (Feraghan) is one of the small provinces or areas north of the city of Arak (Sultanabad) in west Persia. The principal town is Saruk, but the carpets and rugs classified as Feraghan are of a specific type, woven in town and village workshops: They tend to be asymmetrically knotted with wool on a cotton foundation, the wefts sometimes dyed blue, or less often, pinkish red. The best known design associated with Feraghan is an all-over tightly knotted ‘herati’ pattern on a dark blue or red ground, though this fine Faraghan carpet is woven on an unusual ivory background. In many cases, such carpets will have a floral border with a distinctive pale green ground; although such a border colour is not invariable, its presence is considered particularly characteristic of the Feraghan type. There are many examples dating from the second half of the 19th century, and judging by the number of surviving pieces of large and small size in the UK, they were among the most popular furnishing carpets and rugs in the mid and late Victorian periods.


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