View the Disney x Essie Carpets Brochure   Essie Carpets holds the exclusive worldwide Disney license for carpets and rugs. To commemorate 90 years since Mickey Mouse’s first appearance, Essie Carpets presents a limited edition collection of Mickey Mouse-themed handwoven rugs. With his universal appeal and ability to emotionally connect with generations all over […]


Essie Carpets supplies fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets to Gucci showrooms worldwide. Over the past half decade major fashion houses have been moving back to using Persian rug designs in their clothing; in the form of lavishing their catwalk or retail flooring with Persian rugs and incorporating Oriental carpets into the designs of their […]

Paul Smith

Much inspired by Persian rugs, Sir Paul Smith has marvellously integrated the art form into his fashion pieces. Essie Carpets hosted the official presentation of Paul Smith Fall collection in our larger Piccadilly Mayfair showroom, and continues to supply an array of fine Persian rugs and carpets to be draped on the runway of his […]

Leighton House Museum

“The Fabric of Life” Exhibition of Persian Carpets from the Sakhai Family Collection at the Leighton House Museum Opened by King Charles III,  the exhibition of Persian carpets by Essie Sakhai brings together some of the rarest antique Persian rugs and Oriental carpets through the spectacular interiors of the museum. Essie Sakhai, on behalf of […]

Evening Standard Magazine

Photoshoot featuring Fiennes Tiffin, shot at one of Essie Carpet’s showrooms, part of the front page special article of the Evening Standard Magazine in 2019.  View the publication here      

London Fashion Week

Essie Carpets has hosted numerous fashion events and London Fashion Week shows in it’s Mayfair London showroom, as well as supplying carpets for worldwide stores and catwalks of leading fashion houses and brands. Recent years have seen fashion and interior design trends move from bland minimalism back to traditional vibrant designs.