Essie Sakhai is one of world’s foremost rug experts, collectors and dealers. Born in Iran to a family of Persian carpet and art connoisseurs dating back nine generations to 1766, it was perhaps inevitable that Essie would become a top expert on Persian and Oriental rugs and carpets, gaining much of his great knowledge from his father Benayahoo Sakhai. Almost 40 years ago, Essie established his own showrooms in London’s Mayfair and has since compiled one of the world’s most comprehensive and unique collections of fine handmade Persian rugs and Oriental carpets. 

As a true enthusiast Essie hopes to share his passion and expertise through extensive lectures, interviews and books (The Fabric of Life, The Story of Carpets and The Buyers’ Guide) as well as advising museums, royal families, institutions and private collectors on the ancient Persian art form. 

“A carpet from Essie makes a room and gives soul to a house. It is not merely an object of great beauty but an investment that can give you enormous pleasure on a daily basis.” – The Financial Times 

“The only person I have met, that I trust to influence and educate me on the subject of carpets, is Essie Sakhai, and he has been an absolute godsend in tracking down rugs and carpets that I thought only existed in my mind. He is a kind and understanding man, with a wealth of information on rugs of all kinds, which is driven by his passion for this magnificent art form. I hope that one day you may have the pleasure of meeting the great Essie, and allowing him to show you his fabulous collection of carpets.” – Eric Clapton