The Complete Buying Service by Essie

At Essie, we offer for sale an extensive range of Persian and Oriental handmade rugs and carpets to suit all needs and budgets. Holding Europe's largest collection of handmade Persian carpets and rugs, and being actively involved in the international marketplace, we are able to satisfy for unusual size requests or if a particular antique or rare piece is sought. Our approach to furnishing your home is to supply pieces that dovetail with your individual preferences and design themes. Our team is here to guide you in selecting the perfect piece to suit your needs. Ultimately your satisfaction is of paramount importance, thus we offer home trial prior to purchasing so that you are wholeheartedly confident and satisfied with your selection. We also offer an exchange service on any pieces purchased from us; this can be particularly useful when redecorati... more »


At Essie Carpets, we appreciate the importance of the investment you make when purchasing a valuable Oriental carpet. Essie and the rest of our in-house team of experts are here to provide you with a full consultancy service. Our professional expertise and vast experience will give you peace of mind in the decision making process. We will do everything we can to assist you in choosing the right carpet. We offer an extensive range of fine Persian and Oriental carpets and rugs, including antique and modern in a variety of designs, colours and sizes in our two large showrooms in the heart of Mayfair, London. Schedule a meeting with our team and we will be there to assist you.

Essie Carpet Club

The Essie Carpet Club has been created to benefit existing customers and new aficionados of carpet and textile art. Under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, the internationally renowned specialist, we wish to encourage deeper interest in this fascinating art form and offer an incomparable professional service to our clients. The Essie Carpet Club, ( ECC ), is designed to be educational, informative and to offer confidence and peace of mind in your investment. Members Benefits • Purchase advice based on requirements, including individual consultations. • Selling, existing or purchased rugs at reduced commission rates. • Valuations for all purposes prepared in document form, including digital photographs. • Repair and restoration advice, and when appropriate, 20% discount on any cleaning and restoration.

Design Process

Persian carpets are unquestionably one of the supreme Oriental art forms. The traditional techniques of Oriental carpet weaving have changed surprisingly little over several Millennia. The two principal forms of 'knotting' have been in existence for at least 3,500 years. Every carpet starts with a loom, a simple frame which gives the base threads the necessary tension to allow knots to be tied on them. The most basic form is the horizontal loom used by nomadic tribal weavers. Production of the more sophisticated village and city rugs varies only in the type of loom used, the quality of the yarns, and the degree of technical skill of the weaver. Carpets may be made solely from wool or from combinations of wool, cotton and silk. Some primitive tribal carpets incorporate goat or camel hair for greater strength and economy.

Bespoke Commissioned Carpet or Rug

In the heart of  Mayfair, London, Essie carpets  can create a new, bespoke, made-to-order carpet or  rug.  They can cater for unusual sizes, designs or a particular colour. Although we have one of the London's most extensive range of designs and sizes, certain spaces require something different.

Our extensive array of designs can be adapted to create a rug that is perfectly tailored to your requirements. Colours can be modified, specific shapes and sizes can be tailor made to order,  raw materials can be changed and patterns can be amended. Our team is here to help create the carpet of your dreams, you have the ability to choose from a vast array of colours  or we can matc... more »

Restoration and Cleaning

We offer a comprehensive restoration and cleaning service. We undertake repairs to piled weavings, flat weaves, including Kilims, Soumakhs, Tapestries and Textiles. We utilize the wealth of experience of our team of highly skilled restorers, all of whom share a passionate interest in the care and preservation of carpet and textile art. A comprehensive range of restoration work can be undertaken, which includes simple but essential work such as securing fringe ends to prevent knot loss, rebuilding and securing damage to side cords, re-piling & repairing worn areas, to more complex work including patching or reweaving holes, and rejoining tears. We can also perform more complex conservation, such as stretching, mounting or lining. Professional cleaning should ideally be conducted once every two to three years subject to the amount of use sustained. S... more »


We also offer an exchange program, should you wish to change your carpets you purchase from us in the future. This can be useful when redecorating your home, or when an upgrade in type or quality is desired.


Selling through Essie could not be more simple. As specialist valuers, we are always up to date with current market values around the world. We will consider outright purchase, or sale on a commission basis. If selling on commission, we will provide you with an estimate based on current open market values and will endeavour to achieve the maximum result by identifying the most suitable market in which to find purchasers.


Formal written valuations can be prepared for the purpose of Insurance, Probate, Fair distribution or sale by Private Treaty. As recognised specialists in the market, we are aware that in addition to their practical domestic usage, carpets are also unique works of art. As such, assessment of value is related to many factors beyond merely referring to price listing or auction catalogues. Full and accurate valuations must be considered in the context of a world market. This market is influenced by changes in taste, fashion and the evolution of current trends. It is with an awareness of the ever changing nature of these factors, resulting from many years experience in the market, that we undertake the professional valuation of rugs and carpets with confidence. For Insurance, the primary objective is to ensure that adequate compensation shall be forthcomin... more »

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