Very Fine Persian Kashan Large Carpet – Oversize

Rug #2546
Size: 507 x 308 cm / 16.6 x 10.1 ft
Handwoven in: 

Very Fine Persian Kashan Large Carpet – Oversize – kork wool

A Magnificent Persian Kashan Carpet, Central Persia, Kork Wool on Cotton Foundation


The blue field with a central terracotta red lobed medallion enclosing a blue and terracotta cruciform centre piece, radiating willow trees, linked to mirrored pendants, supported by flower heads, floret clusters, willow trees and meandering flowering vines, framed within ivory surrounds, ivory complementary spandrels, within a red and blue border enclosing continuous floral lozenges alternating palmettes, reciprocal trefoil guard borders


Kashan used to be the largest city in Central Persia during the 17th Century, and virtually all traffic between Esfahan and the east passed through it. Because of this important location Kashan became the popular stop off point on a bustling trade route during the 17th century Safavid Era. During this era in which carpet weaving flourished in Persia, Kashan developed a reputation as one of the finest weaving centres of the east, and as such, Persian Kashan Rugs produced are of the very finest handmade Persian rugs and carpets. Kashan was a centre of silk production since Safavid times, and some of the finest classical handmade Persian silk rugs have been attributed to Kashan. At the end of the nineteenth century the Persian Kashan weavers began to produce high quality rugs and carpets, as part of the ‘revival’ in the Persian handmade carpet craft, which re-established the high standards of design and technique established in the 17th century classical era. They often incorporate medallion designs, but all over repeat patterns are frequently seen. Pictorial rugs of varying subject matter also feature highly in their design repertoire. The colour palette can be deep and rich in the classical tradition, with shades of red and blue predominant with ivory detailing. Softer colour hues appropriate and in tune with modern décor styles are also prevalent.

This magnificent Persian Kashan carpet, of large size displays a characteristic central medallion design format, though with unusual pattern details. The coral lobed medallion encloses cruciform centre piece which radiates four willow trees, and whilst willow trees are often seen in Persian carpet designs, it is rare to see them in this format. The willow trees also appear on either side of the medallion and in the ivory spandrels maintaining a consistent theme. The drawing of the floral elements is both angular and curvilinear which is an unusual feature as normally urban Persian workshop carpets err towards curvilinear styles of drawing throughout; this angularity is emphasised still further by the compartmental divisions within the field area. The mix in drawing styles works magnificently to produce a harmonic formal floral design. The angular theme is continued in the border rendition maintain the continuity theme of combined angular and curvilinear drawing. The formal design is meticulously mirrored on both the vertical and horizontal axis. The colours are from a characteristic Kashan palette, and are juxtaposed to maximise the definition and visual appearance of each and every pattern motif.




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