Extremely Fine Persian Esfahan Carpet

Rug #7138
Size: 503 x 363 cm / 16.5 x 11.9 ft
Handwoven in: 

Fine Persian Esfahan carpet, Central Persia, fine kork wool on cotton foundation

A superb example of Esfahan weaving, woven in the first quarter 20th century. Displayed is a characteristic central medallion format, supported by a compartment arrangement also associated with the neighbouring weaving centre of Joshaghan. The  lobed medallion encloses cruciform centre piece which radiates four willow trees, and whilst willow trees (bid majnun) are invariably seen in these compartment carpets, it is unusual to see them in such volume. The willow trees also appear  the blue spandrels maintaining a consistent theme. The other rhombus shaped floral elements are derived from the ‘Vase’ carpet group of the 17th century, and likewise are favoured forms adopted by the Joshaghan weavers. The design is meticulously mirrored on both the vertical and horizontal axis, an exceptional feat of skill given the complexity of the design. The fabulous jewel like colours are from the distinctive early 20th century Esfahan palette.

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