Very Fine Old Esfahan Carpet – Large

Rug #2618
Size: 410 x 310 cm / 13.5 x 10.2 ft
Handwoven in: 

Very fine old Esfahan carpet, large, allover repeat ascending design, intricate detail, white, red , blue and saffron colouring

Esfahan is one of the most important and influential Persian cities of rug weaving and boasts a proud tradition of carpet making dating back to Safavid Dynasty of the seventeenth century. Esfahan was then the capital of Persia and many of the historically important court carpets of this period that survive today have been attributed to Esfahan.

Persian Esfahan rug designs consist of sublimely delicate patterns of arabesque tendrils, palmettes, and cloud-bands in rich magentas, blues, and saffron golds. The ‘revival’ of the Persian urban carpet industry of the 19th century and twentieth century resulted in Esfahan continuing the style and consummate technical virtuosity of their classical forerunners, although often with a sympathetic colour palette in tune with ever changing contemporary tastes. The finest possible quality of the materials are also employed in their weavings, with Kork wool and silk being used as the norm. From the early years of the 20th Century In pursuit of technical excellence, established in Classical times there appeared several highly skilled designers determined to establish and maintain excellence in woven carpet art. The most famous of these designers was Sadegh Seirafian who along with family members over generations succeeded in maintaining excellence and creating some of the finest decorative carpets of the 20th Century Pahlavi dynastic period which are still being made today. The finest examples are often signed by the Ustaden, (designer).


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