We offer a comprehensive restoration and cleaning service. We undertake repairs to piled weavings, flat weaves, including Kilims, Soumakhs, Tapestries and Textiles. We utilize the wealth of experience of our team of highly skilled restorers, all of whom share a passionate interest in the care and preservation of carpet and textile art.

A comprehensive range of restoration work can be undertaken, which includes simple but essential work such as securing fringe ends to prevent knot loss, rebuilding and securing damage to side cords, re-piling & repairing worn areas, to more complex work including patching or reweaving holes, and rejoining tears. We can also perform more complex conservation, such as stretching, mounting or lining.

Professional cleaning should ideally be conducted once every two to three years subject to the amount of use sustained. Specialist cleaning removes ingrained dirt and grit particles which, over time will erode the pile fibres. Regular cleaning will lengthen the life of a carpet, and will help preserve beauty, longevity and therefore value of the item.

Consult us immediately if accidental damage should occur, and we can advise on damage limitation measures, as appropriate.

It is always advisable to seek professional advice at the first signs of damage. We will be happy to conduct home visits if required. We will carefully assess the viability of any repairs prior to embarking upon any restoration work.