Exquisite Very Fine Square Persian Qum Rug – Signed

Rug #2303
Size: 300 x 297 cm / 9.8 x 9.7 ft
Handwoven in: 

An Exceptionally Fine Qum Silk Carpet, Central Persia, Silk on Silk Foundation

Mid 20th Century

The blue ‘millefleur’ field with a central ivory floral circular medallion within a pointed star surrounded within a square reserve formed by linked blue pictorial lobed cartouches, linked to lobed square spandrels enclosing polychome vases issuing a profusion of multi coloured blossom surrounded by a green and pale blue border enclosing continuous ivory pendants supported by dense flowering vines.

The city of Qum is a recently established centre for the production of urban style rugs with workshops appearing there from around 1927 onwards. It rapidly became a significant and important centre for the creation of technically extremely fine silk rugs and carpets, though fine wool pile rugs are also made there. The repertoire of their designs is varied, ranging from designs based on Safavid Persian traditions of the 16th and 17th Centuries, through to individual creative designs of unparalleled technical specification and artistic visual excellence, which can often be described as ground breaking. This striking Persian Qum silk carpet, displays a highly intricate design of rare complexity, though characteristic of Qum adventurism and tenacity to create a wholly original work which falls into the bracket as a ‘ground breaking’ creation.

The traditional format including a central medallion, field area, spandrels and borders is present though in every respect these elements are combined and presented in an original way. The complexity of this design is verging on incomparable, and the skill of the designer create this masterpiece is exceptional. The minute detailing of the field of flowers is reminiscent of an outstanding recognised carpet design originating from Kerman in South East Persia, from the late 19th Century known as the ‘millefleurs’ design. The multitude of varying colours is endless and combined together to create a harmonic celebration of floral profusion. This carpet displays individual Qum workmanship at its best. In recognition of its technical fineness, and artistic appearance, this magnificent work of woven Qum artistry is signed by the master weaver.