Persian Tabriz Gallery Carpet – Fine Signed Antique – Oversize

Rug #5048
Size: 617 x 345 cm / 20.2 x 11.3 ft
Handwoven in: 
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Persian Tabriz Medallion Wool Carpet – Fine Signed Antique – Extra-Large Oversize Gallery Approx 6×3.5m (20x11ft)

This gallery aspect impressive and fine unique Persian Tabriz antique carpet is signed by the weaving company. Large works of this scale are referred to as extra-large or oversize, and would have taken years to complete owing to the sheer scale and detail involved. This piece was handwoven in Iran, and items of this period would have been made using only naturally available resources.

The central medallion design is replete with an absolute cornucopia of detailed motifs, most striking of which are the winged angels in miniature artistic style. Throughout the work a large number of wildlife motifs feature, among which are mythical beings including the phoenix, and the dragon. The array of flora and fauna depicted are balanced and not over-bearing, really giving this work a pictorial attribute. Charming circle of life aspects are shown within the interplay between the hierarchy of wildlife.

The other-worldly gardens of Eden style details are made most impressive by the very complementary and distinct colour palette. Featuring a rich light-blue field and deep-red border, a subtle balance is preserved by the use of soft pink and ivory colours, resulting in an overall light complexion.

As an artwork that has withstood the test of time, and testament to inherent skilled craft, this fine signed antique Persian Tabriz carpet in it’s impressive extra-large oversize gallery dimension is breathtaking. This truly unique piece would without doubt be an excellent investment for an institution or multi-generational heirloom for a family, while giving the owner a functional, beautiful and joyous decor to behold on a daily basis.

Another equally striking work of art can be seen on this other Persian Tabriz Carpet, albeit featuring a hunting theme and marginally longer.

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