Very Fine Unique Persian Qum Rug – Old

Rug #217
Size: 203 x 140 cm / 6.7 x 4.6 ft
Handwoven in: 

Very Fine Old Persian Qum Rug Medallion design Wool and Silk

A Fine and Unique Persian Qum Rug, Central Persia.

The pale aqua marine field with a central ivory lobed leaf edged medallion attached to mirrored wing ivory pendants, all with rows of minute star flower heads, supported by similar overall stars, quarter medallion spandrels within a pale aquamarine border enclosing a polychrome tile pattern, framed by reciprocal charcoal and ivory trefoil guard borders, and ivory secondary guard borders enclosing continuous bright ochre star flower heads.

The city of Qum is a recently established centre for the production of urban style rugs with workshops appearing there from around 1927 onwards. It rapidly became a significant and important centre for the creation of technically extremely fine silk rugs and carpets, though fine wool pile rugs are also made there. The repertoire of their designs is varied, ranging from designs based on Safavid Persian traditions of the 16th and 17th Centuries, through to individual creative designs of unparalleled technical and artistic visual excellence, which can often be described as ground breaking. The fine silk used in their creations allows the highly skilled weavers to draw exceptional precise detail often in minute scale.

This exceptional fine Persian Qum rug displays a ground breaking individual design which celebrates the skill of the Qum weaver who demonstrates confidence in weaving an original design to the standard of excellence associated with fine Qum woven art. The central medallion format with quarter medallion spandrels is traditional to established classical urban Persian compositions though the extraordinary detail of the overall pattern combining minute stars and alternating flower heads is a decorative ‘tour de force’ of an original style consistent with which is rapidly becoming a part of established Persian Qum tradition. This will undoubtedly stand the test of time in woven rug art. The border pattern is equally as tenacious and original with a tile pattern variation which magnificently compliments the field decoration. Stronger tones of colour exemplified by the bright yellow, have been used to define the composition features and pattern details such a colour chosen to great effect to maximise the visual impact and define the tiny pattern details.


Very Fine Old Persian Qum Rug. This piece was handwoven in Qum , Iran. For further information please contact us and our team will be pleased to assist you. All pieces in the collection are under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, one of the world’s foremost experts and collectors of fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets.