Extra Large Persian Birjand Carpet

Rug #5053
Size: 570 x 377 cm / 18.7 x 12.4 ft
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An Exceptionally Fine Birjand Carpet, Khorasan, North East Persia, Wool on Cotton Foundation

Circa 1910

The blue field with an all over design displaying columns of red stepped lozenge medallions each enclosing a cruciform flower head medallion supported with plants and flower head lozenges within a red border enclosing continuous alternating palmettes linked by an angular arabesque lattice

Birjand is a significant centre for the production of technically extremely finely knotted decorative carpets consistent with the very best of Khorasan woven works of art. Khorasan has a long history of established carpet making dating back to the Classical era of the 17th Century, under the auspices of the Safavid Dynasty. The cities of Mashad, and Doroksh are particularly well known, accompanied by Birjand and Mud. Finest examples are signed by the Ustaden ( Designer ), of which Amoghli and Sabir are particularly well known from Mashad though other Ustaden make outstanding examples of Khorasan workmanship. This Persian Birjand carpet epitomises the very best of Khorasan weaving, duly signed by the Ustaden. The detail of the pattern seen in this Persian Birjand carpet is exceptional, with an all-over highly detailed lattice of barely definable rhomboidal medallions and lozenges each one of which is formed of tiny cruciform flower heads and quatrefoils, predominantly geometrically drawn. The combination of Khorasan colours used ensures the decorative appearance compliments the technical workmanship of the highly skilled weavers. Dark blue and red tones form the main background colours with the mass of highly detailed flora forms defined by shades of ochre, green, salmon pink, with ivory and pale blue definitive outline colours. The overall appearance although with defined medallions gives the visual appearance of a detailed mass of floral profusion orientated in a formal design. This is a remarkable Persian Birjand carpet, with extraordinarily detailed pattern details, displaying the very best of Persian Birjand craftsmanship.