Fine Persian Saruk Carpet

Rug #1944
Size: 490 x 277 cm / 16.1 x 9.1 ft
Handwoven in: 

Fine Persian Saruk Carpet Allover design Fine Wool Pile on Cotton foundation

This Persian Saruk carpet is published in;

THE PERSIAN CARPET, ‘The Fabric of Life’, Essie Sakhai, Woodbridge, 2008.

pl. 285, p. 348.

There is no particular design or group of designs that could be said to characterise Saruk weaving, although for some indefinable reason it tends to be instantly recognisable. Although geographically from the Arak (Sultanabad) orbit – Saruk rugs are asymmetrically knotted usually on a cotton foundation – their designs perhaps owe more to Tabriz. This early-20th century rug is an unusually colourful example with a typical Saruk border pattern with a very different design (as the reader will gather throughout the book, the border and guard patterns of Persian rugs, especially those of the tribal and village types, can often be more reliable guides to origin than either field designs or, indeed, structure).



Fine Persian Saruk Carpet. This piece was handwoven in Saruk , Iran. For further information please contact us and our team will be pleased to assist you. All pieces in the collection are under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, one of the world’s foremost experts and collectors of fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets.