Fine Persian Tabriz Carpet – Pure Silk – Signed

Rug #2532
Size: 300 x 200 cm / 9.8 x 6.6 ft
Handwoven in: 

Fine Persian Tabriz Carpet – Pure Silk – Central Medallion – Light colour complexion with turquoise blue base accented by light brown

This beautiful finely detailed Persian Tabriz silk carpet is duly signed by the master weaver and displays a traditional style of design based on 17th century classical models as seen here by the presence of a large circular beige and ivory pendant ‘cloud collar’ medallion intricately decorated with palmettes and flower heads around a star centre piece. The linking to the mirrored cartouches and  pendants are also traditional 17th Century elements supporting the central medallion serving to enhance the significance of the central medallion. The supporting scrolling curvilinear vines are drawn with exceptional delicacy and fineness over two layers  issuing scaled palmettes, leaves and flower heads coloured in complementary tones of ivory beige and green. The design is harmonic with the pattern mirrored through both the horizontal and vertical axis. The subtle shades of colour change which are juxtaposed over two layers, gives depth to the overall visual appeal and demonstrates the exemplary skill of the weaver to create such detail and harmony. The field design is magnificently surrounded with a green border overlaid with continuous pale saffron floral cartouches which perfectly frames and compliments the overall composition.

This technically fine silk carpet displays a magnificently executed design which looks at classical tradition. Clearly this fine, ornate design is the work of an established skilled master weaver, fully conversant with Persian classical tradition.

Fine Persian Tabriz  carpet handwoven from pure silk in Iran and signed by the master weaver. This piece has a delightful central medallion design that is well-matched to the light colour complexion of turquoise blue base accented by light brown.

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