Fine Persian Tabriz Pictorial Rug – Antique

Rug #2434
Size: 230 x 138 cm / 7.5 x 4.5 ft
Handwoven in: 

Persian Tabriz Antique Pictorial – Fine Rug – Scene depicting royal court – Approx 2.5×1.5m (8x5ft) Light complexion with soft colour palette

Persian Tabriz antique pictorial rug handwoven from fine wool in Iran. The style of this artwork is to showcase Mashahir (celebrities) of the time, and in this case it is a scene depicting royal court. The main character shown is that of the warrior king who reunited the Persian lands after the conquest of the Mongols, himself having adopted the Islamic faith and of Turkic descent. The cartouche at the top is transliterated from Farsi script as Amir Timur Gurkani, and the cartouche at the bottom is the royal designation, translated from Arabic as His Excellency. Light complexion with soft colour palette.

More can be read about this founder of the Timurid dynasty by clicking here.

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