Exceptional Rare Persian Bakhtiari Carpet – Extra Large

Rug #5096
Size: 655 x 455 cm / 21.5 x 14.9 ft
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Persian Bakhtiari Extra-Large Carpet – Mansion Size – Wool – Tree of Life

This Persian Bakhtiari carpet is published in;

THE PERSIAN CARPET, ‘The Fabric of Life’, Essie Sakhai, Woodbridge, 2008.

pl. 203,  pp. 259.

Experts on the history of Bakhtiari and their weaving have made
the following observations on this late-19th century carpet.
This is one of the most brilliant examples of Chahar Mahal weaving we have
seen and its quality makes the absence of an inscription surprising.
For practical reasons, large white or yellow ground carpets are
comparatively rare, yet they seem to have been particularly prized
by the Bakhtiari Great Khans, for whose splendid palaces in the
Chahar Mahal Valley many of the largest and most beautiful
examples were woven. The cypress tree was a favourite motif
among Bakhtiari weavers, although it can seldom have been used
to such powerful effect as here. The colourful and ornate
border design, apparently based on the boteh motif, is most unusual.

Bakhtiari Tree of Life, Chahar Mahal, probably Shahr Kord.

Persian Bakhtiari extra-large carpet handwoven from wool in Iran. The design is considered allover and bears magnificent tree of life symbolism. Items with this dimension are considered mansion size as they are significantly larger than standard room size.

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