Antique Persian Bakhtiari Extra-Large Carpet – Mansion Size

Rug #5052
Size: 580 x 423 cm / 19 x 13.9 ft
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Grand Bakhtiari Extra Large Carpet Allover design Wool Pile

This Persian Bakhtiari carpet is published in;

THE PERSIAN CARPET, ‘The Fabric of Life’, Essie Sakhai, Woodbridge, 2008.

pl. 219, p. 277.

A wonderful variant of the ‘garden tile’ pattern particularly associated with the Bakhtiari workshops of the Chahar Mahal Valley; this example is probably from Shahr Kord. The cypress tree, which appears in the red ground compartments, is one of the more consistent decorative elements of this design, appearing on some of the earliest examples with all-wool foundations. It should be remembered that the weavers in the Chahar Mahal workshops were all recruited by the local Khans (and landlords) from their villages and were used to weaving in a domestic environment. Although all women and girls would have had basic weaving skills, obviously they were not equally talented; in this instance the drawing of the cartouches themselves, as well as their interior elements, in the first row is distinctly ‘wonky’ and the elements themselves, including the gul farangi sprays on teh blue ground between the compartments, are the wrong way up in relation to the rest of the carpet. It may be that the first weaver was either a child or a not very skilful adult who was subsequently replaced. However, this human dimension adds charm to the carpet and means that it retains something of its tribal origins. Late 1900.



Antique Persian Bakhtiari extra-large carpet handwoven from wool in Iran. Items with these proportions are considered mansion size as they are larger than standard room size.

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