Magnificent Persian Tabriz Carpet

Rug #7067
Size: 512 x 340 cm / 16.8 x 11.2 ft
Handwoven in: 
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Magnificent Tabriz carpet wool and silk on silk foundation, European inspired design, fine kork wool and silk on silk foundation

This stately Persian Tabriz carpet displays a design clearly related closely to the 18th and 19th century European styles of design. The primary features are typically European, drawn in a distinctive traditional style, including the majority of the floral pattern details. The drawing of delicate vines in the main border are however eastern in style. The colours used are incredibly subtle and verging on mono chromatic, presenting an outstanding regal appearance. The highly skilled Persian Tabriz weavers and designer have clearly demonstrated their understanding of the European styles of design, and re-created a magnificent carpet which would sympathetically grace traditional palace or state room interiors. The soft colour palette allows for maximum flexibility from a decoration point of view.

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