Magnificent Persian Mahal Carpet

Rug #5256
Size: 790 x 409 cm / 25.9 x 13.4 ft
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A Magnificent Persian Mahal Carpet, Northwest Persia

Mid 20th Century 

This Persian Mahal carpet displays a mid-20th Century ‘take’ on a Classical 17th Century Persian pattern classified as the ‘Vase’ design.

The ‘Vase’ design group are so named by the presence of inconspicuous vases supported by a riot of fantastic blossoms, and palmettes, infinitely varied in the design and in varying scales. These large flora forms are arranged on wavy stems which intersect, invariably on three different levels to form huge curvilinear lattice patterns. Around the large flower heads coil thinner stems with smaller flowers and curled leaves. These Classical carpets were thought to have been made in and around Kerman in Southeast Persia.

In this Persian Mahal carpet, the design has been simplified by stripping out the layers leaving one layer of varied palmettes though maintaining a curvilinear lattice pattern, the vines adorned with small flower heads and leaves. The vases are conspicuous and easily recognisable. The ivory border complements superbly the main field arrangement with alternating palmettes and lobed flower heads, linked by wavy curvilinear vines adorned with small flower heads, and small leaves. The colours are from a characteristic Mahal palette, truly harmonic, with an accent on more pastel tones of terracotta, salmon pink, and yellow. To contrast, deep blue is incorporated to great artistic effect which serves to highlight the pattern details. As is traditional in Persian Mahal carpets there is a plain outer surround, in this case in a shade of terracotta.

A highly decorative Persian Mahal carpet, which would grace a contemporary or traditional interior setting.