Persian Heriz Large Carpet

Rug #5050
Size: 586 x 398 cm / 19.2 x 13.1 ft
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Persian Heriz Extra Large Carpet Allover design Wool Pile


A Magnificent Persian Extra Large Heriz Carpet, North West Persia, Wool on Cotton Foundation.

Mid 20th Century

The ivory field with a central lobed blue rhomboid medallion enclosing a circular pale blue and ivory circular flower head, supported by angular vines linking palmettes ending in curled serrated leaves between mirrored blue and coral fan palmettes each framed with curvilinear serrated sickle leaves, all within a blue border enclosing continuous coral and ivory turtle palmettes alternating with flower head roundels linked by angular vines issuing pairs of ‘in and out’ serrated sickle leaves.

Persian Heriz carpets are highly distinctive, due to their unique and distinguishable style of design. Heriz is a city located in North West Persia, near the ancient city of Tabriz, which is one of the most historically important rug weaving centres in Persia with a weaving tradition dating back to the 16th Century.

Characteristically,  Persian Heriz carpets display oversized geometric medallions that are crisply delineated against a rich red, rust, coral or dark blue field, and sometimes rare examples are made with ivory back grounds. The pattern motifs are almost always geometrically drawn, large in scale and presented in a characteristic spacious style. Although some Persian Heriz carpets  have an all-over layout often with geometric floral motives combined with curvilinear floral forms. The classification of a carpet being of Persian Heriz origin is applied to describe neighbouring town and village carpets that follow Heriz traditions of carpet design. Since the Heriz ‘region’, is not far from the Caucasus, many Persian Heriz carpets display similar colours and motif drawings to traditional tribal Caucasian rugs. The most common supporting colours are brownish red, light and dark pink, light and dark blue, coral tones yellows and ivory. Blue and ivory are normally added to increase contrast. Heriz as a significant weaving centre rose to prominence in the last quarter of the 19th century during the ‘Revival’ of Persian woven art. Persian Heriz distinctive styles of design struck a major cord with the growing western market from that time onwards.

 This magnificent large Persian Heriz carpet, displays a spectacular open formal design which is drawn in a characteristic Heriz regional style. The inspiration for this design is taken from 17th century classical urban Persian tradition as seen in Safavid rugs emanating from the important carpet producing centres of Kashan and Esfahan, defined by the presence of a central medallion linking palmettes and smaller flower heads overlaid on a vine lattice and ending in beautiful curled leaves. In this Persian Heriz carpet the vine lattice is mostly presented on a single layer with the occasional hint of a second layer of vines seen sparingly. The vines are then overlaid with the primary floral elements. This arrangement gives a highly effective sense of movement and depth to the composition. The angularity of the drawing enhances the spacious open appearance and it is this style of drawing which the highly skilled weavers of Heriz are famous for. It is intriguing and rare to see a mix of rectilinear angular drawing seen here in most of the pattern elements and then magnificently balanced with the inclusion of the mirrored pairs of curvilinear serrated leaves. These leaves are taken directly from classical Persian and Moghul Indian tradition and appear like a raceme centred with small flower heads diminishing in size. This combination of drawing styles works magnificently in this Persian Heriz carpet enhancing the fluidity of the majestic design. The pattern is superbly mirrored on both the vertical and horizontal axis and incorporates a design device known as ‘infinite repeat’ whereby the pattern appears to extend beyond the borders as if continuing for infinity. The colours are truly harmonic with varying shades of blue, juxtaposed with a delicate shades of coral combined in such a way to present an outstanding visual work of woven art, all presented on a rare ivory ground. The ivory ground by very nature, gives a wonderful airy backdrop to present the pattern to best possible visual effect. The border is no less impressive. The darker blue frame acts as a wonderful contrast to the main field composition with pattern elements dawn in a mix of rectilinear and curvilinear drawing which maintains continuity to the field drawing. The curvilinear drawn leaves framing the flower heads and palmettes are arranged in such a way as to create a wonderful sense of movement and flow, all presented in the consistent colour palette of juxtaposed blue tones, coral and ivory.

This is a magnificent example of Persian Heriz carpet woven art, displaying a design clearly based on established classical urban Persian tradition. The design drawn in the distinctive Heriz style presented in a magnificent range of complementary colours, presented on a rare ivory ground, and as such, clearly the work of highly skilled Heriz weavers.

Persian Heriz Extra Large Carpet. This piece was handwoven in Heriz , Iran. For further information please contact us and our team will be pleased to assist you. All pieces in the collection are under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, one of the world’s foremost experts and collectors of fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets.