Exquisite Fine Nain Carpet

Rug #2652
Size: 303 x 208 cm / 9.9 x 6.8 ft
Handwoven in: 
Precision:  Fine

Exquisite Fine Nain Carpet, central medallion, open airy composition, light complexion

The city of Nain including the suburb of  Tudeshk is a relatively recently established centre for the weaving of decorative furnishing carpets and rugs with designs predominantly based on 17th Century Classical Persian patterns. Carpet production became established here in the 1930’s and rapidly became a significant centre for the weaving of exceptional decorative carpets and rugs, partly due to the close proximity to Esfahan, the historically important centre for the production of technically fine and highly decorative rugs with a tradition of carpet making dating back to the 16th Century. It is inevitable that much of Nain pattern repertoire would be hugely influenced by established Esfahan workmanship, and traditional classical iconography. The technical fineness of much of Nain workmanship is comparable to the finest technical finesse as seen in any other significant centre of Persian urban carpet production. A good deal of emphasis is placed on the colour palette which is distinctive to Nain. Shades of blue, beige ivory, red and green are primarily present and ivory silk is frequently used as a ‘highlighting’ material to enhance the visual appearance of their rugs and carpets. Central medallion formats are a major part of their design repertoire, though all over repeat patterns are also prevalent. Nain is generally accepted as a leading centre in Iran for the weaving of technically fine, highly decorative rugs and carpets.


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