Exceptionally Fine Rare Persian Mashad Carpet

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Exceptionally Fine Persian Mashad Carpet – Khorasan – Central Medallion Format – Flat Woven Silk Side Cords

The holy city of Mashad is the capital of Khorasan and although significantly important carpets were made in the region, namely Herat, in the 17th century, Mashad itself and surrounding towns, namely Doroksh, Mud and Birjand rose to significance following the ‘Revival’ of the handmade Persian carpet industry which began in the late 19th century. Weavers from other established urban carpet producing centres were encouraged to set up workshops there and pursue excellence in the production of decorative furnishing carpets predominantly in the styles of carpets produced during the ‘Golden Era’ of 17th century Safavid carpet production. Two  of the most famous Ustaden of the first half of the 20th century were ‘Sabir’ and  ‘Emoglie’, (Amoghli), whos’ workshops were in Mashad created some of the most technically fine and accomplished artistic works of woven art of the first half of the 20th century.

Significantly, it is known that Reza Shah Pahlavi commissioned carpets from both Sabir and Emoglie, among a selected few others in the late 1920’s and 1930’s, a testament to these highly regarded Persian Mashad carpet Ustaden ( designers).

This magnificent Persian Mashad carpet displays all the very best attributes of Mashad craftsmanship associated with the historically recognised Ustaden with Royal patronage. The design is typically taken from Classical 17th century safavid tradition, presenting a highly detailed and complex central medallion with intensely fine drawing of floral elements, presented on a bed of equally complex and highly detailed layered scrolling vines linked to a mass of palmettes presented in varying orientations, which gives both depth and movement to the design. All the elements presented in a range of dominant colours supported by accent tones to enhance the detail and therefore overall artistic impact of the entire composition. Such use of colour is exceptional. Shades of ivory, saffron, blue and ivory are juxtaposed to create the best possible image against a blue or red background. The design is magnificently mirrored on both the horizontal and vertical axis ensuring perfection and consummate harmony in design. A remarkable achievement given the fine detail presented here. The border pattern and composition is no less spectacular, and acts as a magnificent frame to the field activity, defined by the contrasting blue against the red ground, and yet maintains continuity as the border colours reflect the colours used in the central medallion. The ivory minor borders support the overall harmonic composition.

The sheer size of this carpet, woven with considerable detail is a remarkable achievement in woven artistry, clearly made by highly skilled weavers, fully coherent with classical tradition.



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