Exceptionally Fine Persian Bidjar Gallery Carpet

Rug #1887
Size: 530 x 245 cm / 17.4 x 8 ft
Handwoven in: 
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Large Antique Persian Bijar Gallery Carpet – Allover Herati Design – Wool

An Exceptionally Fine Persian Bidjar Gallery Carpet, Northwest Persia, Wool on Wool foundation


The dark blue field with an all over design displaying an extremely fine small-scale polychrome ‘herati’ design, within a complementary dark blue border enclosing continuous polychrome flower head roundels each linked by angular hooked leaves

Bidjar is a town in the Kurdish region of Northwest Persia, and when applied to carpet attribution, is a generic term used to classify carpets made in Bidjar and in numerous neighbouring towns and villages. Persian Bidjar carpets are made in a distinctive, traditional, and unique way. As the knots are applied, the created pile is beaten down to make the pile strands stand upright as opposed to the pile lying down creating a ‘knap’. The pile strands standing upright, allows for an extremely dense pile to be created and gives enhanced detailing of the pattern elements. Wool warps are used in Persian Bidjar carpets prior to around 1890.

This is a superb example of Persian Bidjar weaving displaying an exceptional detailed floral herati pattern in a varied complementary colour palette, which includes shades of blue, yellow, salmon pink, coral, green and ivory. The truly remarkable aspect of this design is the intricate drawing of the pattern details, displayed as an all over repeat throughout the entire composition. The technical fineness of the weave is even more remarkable in that the warp threads are of wool as opposed to cotton or silk. The angular definition of the design elements is typically seen in Persian Bidjar carpets. This complex pattern is presented as mirrored in vertical axis, a truly remarkable achievement in consideration of the exceptional detailed pattern drawing. In this Persian Bidjar carpet the colour contrast with a dark blue field acts as a highly effective back drop to maximise the visual impact of the highly detailed, minute polychrome flora forms.

The 19th Century vegetable dyed colours are characteristically jewel like in tone, consistent with the very best of Persian Bidjar weaving. Such intricacy could only have been created by highly experienced and highly skilled weavers. The weavers understanding of colour utilisation to maximise the visual impact is certainly noteworthy. Both the design and colour combinations ensure that this carpet, of remarkable large size would grace both traditional and more modern surroundings.



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