Rare French Curtain Tapestry – Entre Fenetre

Rug #544
Size: 375 x 267 cm / 12.3 x 8.8 ft
Handwoven in: 

Antique French curtain Tapestry Pictorial Silk and Wool

This French curtain tapestry is one of a pair See # 542

A Rare Aubusson ‘Entre Fenetre’, France, wool and silk on cotton

Mid 19th century

( One of a pair )

the shaped field with ascending meandering trees issuing a profusion of foliage, above a river pastoral scene below a windmill landscape,  with a pair of  water fowl holding a terrapin.

The handmade Aubusson tapestry workshops in France during the 18th and 19th centuries were famous for the production of decorative furnishing floor spreads and artefacts made for decorative furnishing purposes, namely the ‘Entre Fenetre’. Likely to have been made for a mansion or palace interior. The ‘Entre Fenetre’ were made as decorative framing ‘curtains’ to a palace arch way, or door way entrance, in this instance would adorn the entrance and exits of the same doorway. The inclusion of the conjoined palmette, or ‘header’ attaching the two side elements is extremely rare.

The  pelmet as seen in this exceptional example, displays both traditional subject matter, and extremely rare, unique features. The pastoral subject matter with ascending natural trees issuing foliage is typically seen, with serene calming elements of pastoral life presented with gentle flowing rivers and windmills. The ‘header’ is intriguing and presents a unique and inspirational element to the woven artefact. It displays a pair of water fowl holding a terrapin.  The subject matter is extremely rare in its own right, and as is often the case, the exact meaning or inspiration for a design purely is of significance to the weavers, and more than likely to the order of the patron who would have commissioned this exceptional  exit or entrance door or archway hanging. The colours are beautifully muted, consistent with a significant 19th century element of representation.

There is no doubting that this  French Aubusson entrance adornment is a unique and extremely rare decorative weaving,  from the Aubusson manufactories dating to the early to mid- 19th century. The rarity, particularly emphasised by the subject matter presented at the top of each header, and the significance of each header would be in the domain of the patron, and as such it can only be surmised as to the significance of each header subject matter. A truly remarkable, rare, and significant  Aubusson entrance dressings, undoubtedly commissioned to grace a regal palace interior, or probable State room.



Antique French curtain Tapestry. This piece was handwoven in Aubusson,  France. For further information please contact us and our team will be pleased to assist you. All pieces in the collection are under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, one of the world’s foremost experts and collectors of fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets.