Faraghan Extra Large Carpet

Rug #5047
Size: 940 x 518 cm / 30.8 x 17 ft
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Faraghan Extra Large Carpet Allover design All Wool

A Fine and Rare Faraghan Carpet, North West Persia, Wool on Cotton Foundation,

Circa 1900

Of huge size, the deep coral field with an overall herati design, within a blue border enclosing continuous hooked polychrome palmettes alternating with flower heads linked by angular vines issuing continuous ‘in and out’ serrated leaves

Faraghan is a small province north of the city of Arak otherwise known as Sultanabad in west Persia. The principal town is Sarough, though the carpets classified as ‘Faraghan’ are of a specific identifiable type. The most well known and distinctive pattern associated with Persian Faraghan carpets displays an all over repeat pattern known as the Herati design. The Herati design in Persian Faraghan carpets is defined by a lozenge framing a small flower head, linked to sets of four leaves then repeated to form an all over pattern, this element is then infilled with small flower heads. This style of design was particularly popular in western markets as an opulent decorative furnishing carpet dating from the late 19th Century. Many extant examples are seen in Grandiose residences, and country houses, particularly embellishing, dining rooms, reception rooms and entrance halls. Blue ground versions are most frequently seen. This large Persian Faraghan carpet is a superb example of this type of carpet. In the scheme of things red ground examples are rare and the size is unusually large. The Herati  pattern details are magnificently finely drawn, and presented in a mass of complementary colours. The lozenges and linking vines are ivory in tone with the flower heads and leaves presented in dark blue, pale blue, coral, pale coral, pale green, buff and ochre. The overall image displays a fabulous profusion of floral formality, consistent with the very best of Persian Faraghan artistry in presentation of the well known Herati design. The blue border design acts as a remarkably effective frame with uncluttered detail, contrasting most effectively with the detail of the main field pattern. This Persian Faraghan carpet is a remarkable example of type and origin, rare in terms of size and colouration, and made by highly skilled and experienced weavers.


Farahan Extra Large Carpet. This piece was handwoven in Farahan , Iran. For further information please contact us and our team will be pleased to assist you. All pieces in the collection are under the auspices of Essie Sakhai, one of the world’s foremost experts and collectors of fine handmade Persian rugs and carpets.