An Exceptionally Fine Persian Nain Carpet

Rug #5226
Size: 915 x 734 cm / 30 x 24.1 ft
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An Exceptionally Fine Persian Nain Carpet


The red field with a massive circular pale aquamarine architectural medallion formed by seven layers of offset continuous tear drop pendants, each enclosing flora, around a detailed filigree pastel radiating star centre piece, supported by sinuous curvilinear tendrils issuing palmettes, and flower heads ending in curled hooked leaves, iv0ry spandrels enclosing sinuous scrolling arabesques, within an ivory border enclosing continuous pastel palmettes alternating with lozenges, supported by arabesque scrolls


This Persian Nain carpet is exceptional in many ways, and possesses all the attributes of the very best of Persian Nain workmanship. The wool is of the best quality, soft and lustrous supported by fine silk highlighting to enhance the visual appearance where it has been applied. The use of fine soft Kork wool and the presence of silk allows for the pile to be finer knotted and as such allows for greater clarity of the pattern details clearly evident in this magnificent Persian Nain carpet.

The creation of such a monumental sized carpet is remarkable in itself, though combined with the exceptional intricate pattern makes this a rare and exceptional example of Persian Nain carpet weaving.

This magnificent carpet of massive scale, is an example from a small yet highly significant ‘Group’ of Persian Nain carpets, defined by the use of high quality materials, specific design composition, with adherence to Classical 17th Century Safavid styles of design, and use of exceptional complementing colours defined by the traditional Persian Nain palette. Also, Persian Nain carpets from this ‘Group’ are individually commissioned to embellish and enhance the lavish interiors of Palaces and Grandiose Residences.

The red field is decorated with a style of design and composition also as seen in the Classical Safavid Court carpets of the 16th and 17th Centuries. This identifiable composition shows a pattern of scrolling sinuous vine tendrils which are presented in a three tiered arrangement, with the bottom layer formed by sinuous tendrils, and the overlaid tiers graduating to larger thicker vines and scrolling arabesques with the associated flower heads and palmettes also growing in size. This formatting gives depth to the overall appearance and enhances the flow of design created by the intense curvilinear scrolls. The top layer is defined by the main medallion and supporting medallions which appear to have simply been placed over the scrolling arabesque field area. The sensational decorative composition of this Persian Nain carpet has clearly been made by weavers who are fully conversant with Persian Classical traditions, and who are determined to recreate Classical excellence in their carpet designs. The border pattern is equally impressive, and displays complementary intricately drawn floral forms in similar scale to the main field elements. The use of white silk is often seen in Persian Nain carpets, which is used as a highlighting material to emphasise significant motifs, or draw attention to certain elements of the design, used brilliantly in this Persian Nain carpet framing the central pendants which enhances the appearance of the whole medallion and in turn draws attention to its importance as the focal point of the composition.

This Magnificent Persian Nain carpet displays the finest aspects of Nain tradition and demonstrates the artistry of the weavers at their very best. It’s no wonder that this ‘Group’ of Nain carpets are commissioned to grace the interiors of Palaces and significant residences.

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